Just a place for me to share some of my Polaroids.  I’ll update now and then, whenever I have new pictures to share.

If you live polaroids check out polanoid.  It’s a great community for Polaroid lovers, and there are some really fantastic pictures floating around to enjoy!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Read your comment about architecture on FP’s blog. I have had a loving friendship with a brilliant student for 20 years now. His family, he and I , spend long hours discussing what he would be when he grew up. My idea has long been that architecture is the mystic divine science of all time and the only possible solution for this student with all his interests and abilities to be amalgamated. There is nothing in the human experience that isn’t included in the study of architecture somewhere.
    Throughout my long life, I continually meet architects somehow…I think it’s the spiritual connection of all things…psychology, philosophy, mechanical sciences and practical application, creating atmospheres for all needs that people can live with, and even grow into, etc.
    So believe me, I have great respect for you in spite of what appears to be a dreary start to your career at the moment. Bless you bless you bless you. My hat’s off to you.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much! In school we always joke that architects know a little about everything, haha. Which might lend itself to why a very small amount of graduating classes actually go on to becoming licensed architects, or even work in the field. We generally have so many interests and architecture is just one of our mediums on how to express them. It is definitely not glamorous, but it is rewarding. Although I may not be able to work in the field right away, someday I will have a building built that I designed and it will be a wonderful moment! Thank you again for your comment, it is really appreciated, and it will even help me push through to graduation this spring.

  3. I sent a link to your site to Gorilla Boy. He is an engineering student (computer) with an interest in photography. There is a connection between the abilities that make up engineering (or architecture) and art, I think, as I always saw that mix in him. Like a second sight. In first grade he was asked to draw a picture of his bedroom so he did it from the perspective that he was up in a corner of the ceiling of his room and he got it all right.


  4. Oh noes! Now I might have to actually update! (starts scanning pictures and posting…)

    I totally agree that there is a connection between the two disciplines. I really love ceramics but it is too hard for me to get access too and really keep up with. I miss it 😦 so Polaroids have become my outlet, I guess.

    I envy people who have that natural ability. I cannot draw or paint for the life of me! Well, except for color by numbers, haha! I get way too self conscious about being judged on my drawings to really feel comfortable putting it out there and practicing.

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